Antonia Martin- Director

Antonia Martin is a native of East Cleveland, Ohio. Her family is originally from Jamaica. Some of her friends affectionately refer to her as a ‘Jamerican’. Antonia has had a love for music since she was very young. Artistry runs in her family, where her mother was a photographer, sister is an artist and her father is very fond of music. At a young age, Antonia recognized her mother, sister and aunts' high pitched voices while singing songs in church and soon realized that she had a high pitch as well. She later found out that she was a mezzo soprano.

At ten years old, she began pursuing music. She found her voice then but was too afraid to go into voice. As a student in the F.O.C.U.S. S.C.O.P.E. program for the gifted, they suggested she pick up an instrument to hone in on her extra abilities. She picked the trombone, not knowing what it was, but was prepared for an adventure. Her father also got her a keyboard from someone who was going to throw it away. In the 7th grade, 1997, she got into the Shaw High School Marching Band, and became Section Leader from 1998-2003. Her section won best section for three years, and almost every year ten years after she graduated High School. In High School, she also participated in her first play, “Papa was a Preacher.”

With her keyboard and trombone, Antonia went to Jackson State University and marched with the Sonic Boom. She received so many academic scholarships but no music scholarships were available. With a change of her major from Biology to Music Technology, she transferred to Hampton University and studied Music Engineering Technology and received her music scholarship. Her new major there was accredited. At both schools, Antonia participated in a host of bands including Marchig Band Pep Band, Jazz Band, and Symphonic Band to name a few. While at Hampton, with the help of her opera singing friends, she rediscovered her voice. After college, Antonia pursued audio technology, music and acting. She hopes to share all of her talents in the Ambitious Artists program.


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